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Montenegro Super-Active Holiday

“One of the best holidays we had and this was down to the spectacular country and people of Montenegro but also to the attentiveness, patience and enthusiasm of our guide, Vuk…would definitely recommend this to any family that wants to experience an adventure in some untouched countryside while also gaining some appreciation into its culture from a guide and agency that is ecologically responsible.”  Mark Law, August 2020

2022 departure dates: any Sunday, May-September 

We are offering to pay 50% of all mandatory PCR tests between Montenegro and the your country of residence! Read our Covid policies here!

If chilling by a pool is your idea of peak boredom, this might be the holiday you’re looking for! We pack five different activities into one action packed week: canyoning, kayaking, mountain biking, rafting and hiking. Every single day we will do something different, and every day will be spent in the amazing ambiance of some of the most beautiful places in Montenegro, from the slopes of Rumija mountain to Lake Skadar, Lukavica Mountain, the Tara Canyon and Durmitor National Park.

This is a super active adventure holiday, but don’t worry! You should be physically prepared at times, but the grade of difficulty for each activity is about “moderate” on average, and there is an option to tune the difficulty of all these activities to the level of your abilities.

NB – our recommended minimum age for this holiday is 14 – but we can make exceptions for exceptional kids! Please don’t hesitate to check with us if you think your kids fall into this category! Click here to read more about our activity levels.

Book to Give Back – every booking sparks a donation to our chosen local environmental and community causes!

All transport, accommodation and meals are included, as well as 24/7 qualified guides who will collect you from your location and bring you back to Podgorica Airport at the end of your trip.

 Your Tour Leaders: Vuk and Bojana are a brother and sister team who have worked with Undiscovered Montenegro for the last 7 years. They both have a passion for the outdoors and for the North of Montenegro in particular. The more remote the area, the more likely they are to be found exploring it! Vuk and Bojana speak excellent English and have full mountain guide qualifications.

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Day 1 – Arrival
Arrival into either Tivat or Podgorica airports. First, we will visit the Old Montenegrin Capital, Cetinje, considered the heart of our country, its tradition and culture. We will then make our way to Lake Skadar National park, where you will experience the very best of Montenegrin national cuisine at our friend Tanja’s – you’ll soon know why this place is one of the highlights for our guests! The amazing homegrown and homemade food and drinks, combined with traditional Montenegrin hospitality in a beautiful rural setting is one of the best ways to welcome our visitors. Overnight in Virpazar.

Day 2 – Canyoning
Hidden mountain canyons are a real natural treasure of Montenegro. One of the most beautiful is Medjurec Canyon, situated in the pocket of impressive Rumija Mountain that divides Lake Skadar from the sea. The length of the canyon is about 2.5 kilometers, but it’s not that easy to pass through it, as the tour requires about 4 hours of walking, climbing and jumping from high rocks into the crystal clear water. Passing through the canyon also requires the use of ropes and climbing equipment – but don’t worry if you’ve never done this before! Our guides are used to the loopy grins on beginners’ faces as they succumb to canyoning addiction! After the canyoning is done we will visit the ruins of the Old Town of Bar, as one of the biggest and most important fortified settlements from Montenegro’s past. There we’ll also taste some of local grilled delicacies and good old fashioned type of sweets!

Day 3 – Kayaking Kayaking to the island monasteries. This 4-5 hour trip including 3 hours’ paddling is one of our most popular excursions – and with good reason! Setting off from the beautiful lakeside village of Murici, you will kayak across the mirrored water to two of the lake’s famed 14th century island monasteries. The swimming is fantastic, the bird-life excellent and the views across the water of Albania’s Procletian mountain range are epic. Tea with the monks and nuns is a particular cultural highlight! Packed lunch included. No paddling experience required – your guide is a qualified kayak instructor.

Undiscovered Montenegro has created six kayaking routes to show the very best of this fabulous lake. If the above tour seems too brief for you, ask your guide for something more challenging! Overnight in Virpazar

Day 4 – free day
Free day. After two active days we will take a day off – you could have a lazy day at the seaside, explore more of Lake Skadar, visit some wineries in the area or go shopping in Podgorica. Breakfast and dinner for this day are provided. Overnight in Virpazar.

Day 5 – Mountain biking

Mountain biking. After those beautiful days in the south of Montenegro it’s time to move to the North for some new adventures! The next three nights will be spent in Zvono Restaurant & Apartments, a place with a special spirit, great music and atmosphere…and probably the best food!

On our way to Plužine we will turn from the main road to enjoy the silence of Lukavica Mountain. Recognized by two impressive peaks (Mali and Veliki Zurim), this area is probably one of most isolated in the whole of Montenegro. Almost totally unknown to most tourists, it attracts just shepherds during the summer season and local nature lovers. The plateau around these high peaks is a paradise for mountain bikers. There is a narrow asphalt road that connects this area with the rest of Montenegro, but also a whole net of roads to remote pastures and summer houses. We suggest visiting Kapetanovo Lake and even maybe a bit further to the pass in the Morača Mountains. Overnight in Plužine.

Day 6 – White Water Rafting
The Tara Canyon is the deepest in the whole of Europe (second deepest in the world, just after Grand Canyon in Colorado) – the highest point above the canyon floor is 1,331 metres over your head! Because of its beauty, clear water and unspoiled nature, the Tara Canyon deservedly boasts UNESCO World Natural Heritage status. The grade 3-5 rapids (depending on the season) will provide you with a thrill you won’t forget in a hurry! Tour duration: 2-3 hours. Please note that groups of fewer than 6 should expect to join another rafting group. Overnight at Zvono Apartments, group dinner. Overnight in Plužine.

Day 7 – Hiking in Durmitor National Park
Hiking. The last adventure is reserved for something really special – Durmitor National Park. We will hike to Prutaš, the 9th highest peak of this mountain range (2,394m), enjoying spectacular views on our way. Situated at the most southern part of Durmitor Mountain it gives probably the best view of the group of highest peaks and the most beautiful valley in the area. Made from colorful vertical layers, it’s the most special and, in the opinion of most people who climbed it, most beautiful peak in the group of Durmitor’s 47 peaks over 2,000 metres.

On the way back through the amazing Piva Plateau, we will stop to visit a medieval necropolis of tombstones called stecci, a great place to speak about the history of the ex-Yugoslav peoples. After taking photos of great landscape and Piva Lake from above, we’ll go back to celebrate the end of the program! Overnight in Plužine.

Day 8 – return to Podgorica/Tivat

Prices include all accommodation, transfers, meals and guided excursions.

This is a group holiday that can also be tailor-made on request. Maximum Group size of 8.

Montenegro Super-active
7 days


For the nights in Virpazar, your accommodation is in 3-star local rooms/apartments such as the Lake View Apartments, situated within a few minutes’ drive from the village of Virpazar.

For the nights in Plužine, your accommodation is in 3-star apartments such as the renowned Zvono Apartments, just a stone’s throw away from the start of your rafting tour. With a delicious in-house restaurant and live jazz in the evenings, this place has started to pass into local legend!

Please note that in high season, certain accommodation may be booked out. In these cases, we will offer an alternative of a similar standard.

Tour guide in vibrant blue swim suit ans safety gear, sliding downa nature made waterfall slide into crystal clear lake water
Vuk our tour guide in his signature yellow hiking shirt bringing a family of four up the Bobotov Kuk, the highest Mountain in Montenegro.
Tour guide in vibrant blue swim suit ans safety gear, sliding downa nature made waterfall slide into crystal clear lake water