There’s only one way to improve upon a holiday to Montenegro and that’s to hop over the border to experience the stunning beauty of a holiday in Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo or Croatia! The Balkans is an area of staggering landscapes and diversity, so for a few years now, we have been slowly building a selection of sustainable, authentic, fun itineraries to take you further off the beaten path in search of undiscovered adventure. All routes and destinations visited are based on expert knowledge of this region, run by local Tour Leaders with decades of experience, who know how to deliver the holiday of a lifetime! Welcome to Undiscovered Balkans!


With our outstanding guides and partners over the border we can now offer you many different tastes of Albania! From stupendous mountain vistas to pristine lakes and rivers and UNESCO protected towns, you can choose our 3 day package if you just want a brief introduction – or you might like to go deeper and go on our Gastro/Cultural holiday, which also takes serious advantage of Albania’s delicious cuisine! If you’re looking for a multi-activity holiday, we have “light-active” and “super-active” variations just like we offer in Montenegro – and if you like more of a challenge, how about hiking part of the Via Dinarica from Montenegro into Albania, or trying our unique cross-border kayaking holiday, (we’re the only operator with permission to cross this long-closed water border!)?


Probably the most developed and visited of all the countries in the former Yugoslavia, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there aren’t many spots that haven’t already been discovered by modern tourists. But you’d be wrong! Our first cross-border kayaking trip (which takes you around the stunning Elafiti Islands, above, as well Lake Skadar) has already been getting great reviews for a few years now, and in 2023 we finally launched our long-awaited multi-activity holiday in Croatia’s gorgeous Peljašac region (thanks Corona!).


Kosovo is a jewel just waiting to be explored. If your idea of heaven is adventure in places where few have trodden before, you’ll want to check out our multi-activity and hiking itineraries, both of which will introduce you to the natural and cultural delights of Europe’s newest country!

Bosnia & Hercegovina

Bosnia is one of those amazing countries that has the lot. Fascinating historical towns mix with jagged mountain ranges that form part of the famous Dinaric Alps, wild fresh rivers make it a renowned rafting and kayaking destination and in between are beautiful, rolling hills that out Switzerland to shame. Check out our first multi-activity holiday, now supported by direct flights from London Luton to Sarajevo!