Activity Levels

Designed for people who are in good health and want a relaxing trip which suits their special interests, eg. our painting or gastronomy holidays.

For Families – at present only our painting and gastronomy holidays offer a gentle activity level.

Requires a spirit of adventure and reasonable level of fitness to complete tours such as hiking, kayaking or canyoning, usually taking 4-5 hours including breaks. You will need to be able to hold a paddle and walk uphill for 30 minutes without a break (on kayaking day trips, adults can paddle for younger children, but this is not recommended on the week-long kayaking holidays!). Activities may take place in challenging conditions such as hot sunshine.

For Families – moderate trips can have challenging elements depending on the children’s experience of the outdoors and level of fitness. Consider the amount of physical activity expected and how long they will need to participate. There will be less downtime than resort-style holidays. All our multi-centre trips are moderate due to the travel time between locations.

Fitness is essential to be able to complete the program and readiness for an environment which is more remote and challenging. That may even extend to accommodation which will be basic but clean in remote areas! Expect physical challenge such as climbing a peak, with several hours of physical activity a day. Prior experience of activities like mountain-climbing and mountain-biking is required.

For Families – some or all days of this trip will be quite demanding! There will be limited downtime with activities and/or travel taking up most of the day. If your kids don’t mind roughing it a bit and are used to outdoor activity, then they will love this holiday!

Split categories
Some of our holidays fall between two categories due to the mix of activities offered. We mark this where appropriate.