Undiscovered Montenegro is a UK-registered adventure travel company founded in 2008 by British husband and wife team and Balkans aficionados, Emma and Ben Heywood.

Between us, we have travelled to over 50 countries worldwide. We like to think that when it comes to taking the road less travelled in search of untouched, natural beauty, we’re hard to impress – so when we first saw Montenegro – and Lake Skadar in particular – our immediate impression was disbelief that such epic, African-style natural beauty had been hiding on our own doorstep in Europe.

From that moment, came our inspiration to bring a taste of safari to one of Europe’s wildest countries. We started out in 2008 by renovating our own property – Villa Miela – to become our ‘Activity Base’ for week-long hosted holidays at Lake Skadar – and have since branched out to cover more of this incredible country and even into Albania and Croatia with the help of our small team of expert guides, some of the best company you could hope to keep and with unrivalled knowledge and passion for the lesser-known gems.

We have been committed from the beginning to bringing a responsible, sustainable approach to tourism to Montenegro’s national parks. Our small group activity and nature holidays are high impact in experience but low impact on the environment – and also, crucially, are designed to give back to local people and wildlife. Undiscovered Montenegro actively supports local pelican conservation, environmental action and community regeneration, so when you choose us, you’re giving back too. Read even more reasons why to choose us.

Come on our amazing adventures and we’ll introduce you to a world undiscovered!



A seasoned backpacker, Emma’s itchy feet have taken her across Africa, Asia, Australia and America in search of adventure and new experiences. She worked as a conservationist in Zambia, a press officer for the British Government and for the US oil industry before deciding her future lay in sustainable tourism in the Balkans. Inspired by Lake Skadar’s incredible, ever-changing scenery, Emma is able to indulge her love of travel, yoga, art and photography to the full running Undiscovered Montenegro’s adventures. In her spare time she volunteers her publicity skills to local conservation projects and initiatives and enjoys strong Turkish coffee. She speaks English, Serbian/Montenegrin and French.


Born in Scotland, raised in Venezuela, Germany, the UAE and the UK, Ben speaks English, German, French and Serbian/Montenegrin, and is a BCU qualified kayak coach. Prior to setting up Undiscovered Montenegro with Emma, he spent a 15-year career in international publishing – the renovation of an old stone house on Vis Island, Croatia and a round-the-world trip back-packing with Emma convinced him that the world had more to offer than just a desk job! Lake Skadar’s incredible backdrop is now his office, where he can indulge his passions for snowboarding, kayaking, occasional carpentry and organic home-cooking.

Tobi & Adel

Tobi and Adel are our newest team members, and managers of Villa Miela Lake Retreat! Nature lovers and veteran travellers in the Balkans, they make all the magic happen at our Lake Skadar activity base. Whether guiding tours, preparing healthy guest breakfasts, managing the retreat or researching new outdoor experiences, this charming couple have already made a massive difference to our Montenegro operation. They speak fluent English, German and Hungarian!


Milija is one of Montenegro’s most experienced adventurers. Whether hiking, kayaking, biking or skiiing, he and his equally adventurous family are passionate about the outdoors and their spectacular country. Milija speaks fluent English + Montenegrin/Serbian


Vera is one of the most respected hiking guides in the country, and has a passion for the outdoors and her roots in the north of Montenegro in particular. Popular with parents and children alike, the more remote the area, the more likely she is to be found exploring it! She speaks excellent English and is a licenced tour guide.


Nenad is an outdoor adventurer whose ambition is to visit every corner of this spectacular country – he is happiest when biking, hiking or kayaking, making him a natural fit for Undiscovered Montenegro! He speaks excellent English and of course, Montenegrin/Serbian.


Ana has over a decades’ worth of experience guiding tour groups around her country, and has earned her reputation as one of the funniest and most quotable tour guides in Montenegro! She speaks near-native English and has full tour guide qualifications.


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Ever too busy living life to post about what you’re up to? It happens to us, and it definitely happens to our guests. 😅It’s why when the holiday ends, we send our groups a bumper folder packed with photos and clips. No need to worry about capturing that special moment. Our cameras are at the ready, whether it’s first-time rafting, jumping off a rope swing, scaling a mountain, wild swimming, or getting you in those holiday pics for a change. 🐢 💦 📸Montenegro is a hard country to leave, with its incredible natural beauty, friendly people and delicious food, but photos are a great way to savour the memories. Here’s a dump of them from our August adventures, exploring the lesser-visited gems and escaping the crowds in the great outdoors!Join our gang of ‘undiscoverers’ and travel deeper into gorgeous Montenegro! Visit the link below to find out more about our autumn and 2024 activity holidays. 👉 www.undiscoveredmontenegro.com#undiscoveredmontenegro #activityholidays #adventuretime ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

We have the best guests ever! Many come back and bring their friends, or try other adventures with us, swapping lake for mountains, or exploring the region further with Undiscovered Balkans It’s our mission to get everyone thoroughly addicted to the Balkan/Montenegrin lifestyle we’ve adopted as our own. 😀Here are some of the things our guests return for:⛰️ Spellbinding scenery which stays in the mind, from Lake Skadar’s dreamy vistas, to the remarkable mountains of Durmitor and Prokljetije 🦎 The chance to be wild, swimming in hidden rivers and rock-pools, and becoming one with nature (as it should be!)👣 Properly amazing adventures, with every day different, and away from the crowds🙋‍♀️ Friendly, knowledgeable, local hosts, from our Villa Miela Lake Retreat crew, to our gang of exceptional, homegrown leaders😋 The amazing home-cooked food, with shout-outs especially for Tanja and SnežanaWe want to say a big Thank You to everyone who has come back to us, or is planning to. Join our gang of ‘undiscoverers’ and travel deeper into gorgeous Montenegro! Visit the link below to find out more about our autumn and 2024 adventures. 👇www.undiscoveredmontenegro.com#undiscoveredmontenegro #activityholidays ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

We're on a Montenegrin safari! 😄When Lake Skadar's floodplains dry out in summer, they reveal dirt trails winding through the scrub and willow trees. The scenery resembles Tanzania or Kenya, just swap cows for buffalo. Clouds of White Egret and BeeEater dance, while Land Rover Defenders 'Ken' and 'Vince' complete the safari look – especially with our smaller guests riding on top.Driving in protected nature areas must be done responsibly. Here are five tips for a responsible jeep or quad bike tour in Montenegro:1. **Stick to Designated Trails:** Minimise impact by staying on designated dirt tracks. Off-roading harms ecosystems. Keeping to paths preserves the area's beauty for future generations.2. **Respect Wildlife and Plants:** Keep distance and avoid disturbing animals. Don't harm vegetation. Leave no trace for ecosystem balance.3. **Observe Quiet Hours:** Preserve nature's sounds. Lower noise levels for fellow tourists and wildlife. Enjoy natural tranquility.4. **Pack Out Trash:** Take all waste, even small items like lids and ends. A clean area safeguards habitats.5. **Educate Yourself:** Learn area history, geology, and rules. Montenegro's National Parks require permits for quad bike tours. Check operators' permits and insurance. Being informed enhances the experience and protects Montenegro's beauty.Follow these tips for a fun 'safari' while hel#undiscoveredmontenegroeNacionalni parkovi Crne Gore / National parks of Montenegromontenegro Nacionalni parkovi Crne Gore / National parks of Montenegro ... See MoreSee Less
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Isn’t it pretty as a picture?When our guests arrive with us, they know they’ve picked a spectacular country to visit. Some of our guests this week have set themselves a fun family challenge – whoever snaps the best landscape photo will have it printed onto canvas and put on the wall.What a great way to savour the memories of a special time away in Montenegro!The locations where our adventures take place are utterly awe-inspiring, as you can see from these photos, all taken on tour over the last few weeks. From gazing out over Lake Skadar’s epic Pavlova Strana viewpoint, to walking through Hobbit-like Durmitor, or kayaking to remote island monasteries, the untouched beauty you’ll see is sure to amaze.If you’ve been our guest, why not share the best scenery photo you took with us in the comments or a message. We’d love to see them.And if you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance to join one of our activity holidays, which even include a painting retreat at Villa Miela, happening this September.Find out more by visiting our website at the link below!www.undiscoveredmontenegro.com#undiscoveredmontenegro ... See MoreSee Less
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From the photos, doesn’t it look like our adventurers have travelled to several countries and continents?Of course, the action’s all here in tiny Montenegro, where Morella and family joined us for a week of active adventures, delving deep into the inland attractions of this amazing country. “This allowed us visit, benefiting from that local knowledge that most holiday makers would not have access to. Kayaking Lake Skadar was beautiful and informative, as Milija our tour guide (who is a history encyclopaedia) introduced us to the Balkan’s history. Next day we went canyoning, which we had never done before, and we had a ball! Not for the faint hearted, but so exciting! We travelled to remote and stunning Lukavica for the mountain biking, which was spectacular (my recommendation: get an e-bike. It’s a little more expensive but you will cover more terrain and enjoy more of the incredible beauty of the area). We rafted on the river Tara, and hiked in the Durmitor National Park. Every bit was spectacular… I would highly recommend this trip.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Thank you Morella!) If you prefer your holidays to be active, outdoors, and rich in nature, culture and laughs, join our next trip! Hit the link below to find out more & book. 👇undiscoveredmontenegro.com/tours/montenegro-super-active-holiday/Photos by Milija and Morella 🙏 #undiscoveredmontenegro #activityholiday #adventuretravel ... See MoreSee Less
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