Why Montenegro?

“So, what made you choose Montenegro?”

This is the question that we get asked more than any other. Beyond the obvious visible from Villa Miela‘s terrace – stunning scenery, good weather – it probably does seem, on the face of it, like quite a “brave” decision to have sold up in the UK and moved to a small Mediterranean country that most people would struggle to place on a map.
Back in 2008, when we first moved here, there were no direct flights from the UK and even locals didn’t consider the Lake Skadar area much of a tourist draw. The only thing on offer at that time was an unimpressive two hour boat trip. Our first thought was simple – this place was staggeringly beautiful and if no-one was offering kayaking and hiking in the area, then we would. Our secondary thought was that if we thought it was an amazing place for a holiday, surely other people would too. The more we explored, the more we seemed to find; gorgeous waterfalls and plunge pools; wonderful local wines (we genuinely had no idea when we moved here that it was wine country!); spectacular, accessible caves; pristine, undisturbed water trails…
Fast-forward nearly a decade and things have changed quite a bit. For a start, we don’t only operate at Lake Skadar any more. The more we saw of the rest of Montenegro, the more convinced we were that the staggering natural beauty of the north also deserved a wider audience, so we now offer all-walking weeks that start at the lake and finish in Durmitor National Park. A brief foray into Albania convinced us that we also had to work Montenegro’s stunning neighbour into our roster – so now we offer options in Albania too.
Meanwhile, our continued exploration at Lake Skadar has lead to two water based options – a cross-border kayaking holiday and a week of wilderness canoeing.
The more we explore this region, the more awesome things we seem to find. For 2018, we will also be offering two gastronomy weeks – one in Montenegro, one in Albania, as well as a cross-border holiday that will take some lucky guests into Undiscovered Bosnia!
Why Montenegro?
Why on earth not?