Montenegro Hiking/Walking holiday

“A seamless dream of a trip that really was the most wonderful  experience. Our guide Bojana was utterly phenomenal – the most friendly, knowledgeable, considerate, responsible person you’d ever want to be taking you around the beautiful landscapes of Montenegro.” Jon Kennedy, August 2019

2020 departure dates: any Sunday or Wednesday, May-September 

Montenegro is a country of mountains but there is much more to see – a beautiful coast, lakes, rivers, canyons, old forests, historical monuments…this program will show you all of these things! We have created this multi-location tour for experienced hikers, to connect some of the most attractive mountains in Montenegro.

It starts in the coastal part with the Rumija ascent, a mountain that is part of the long Adriatic Transversal, and a place full of history and legends. Then it brings you to remote Kučka Krajina, a mountain area near the Albanian border, which is an example of real wild nature and place that gives absolute peace and silence to its visitors. After that, you will move to the massive highlands in Central Montenegro to enjoy some more stunning landscapes at Bjelasica, Lola and Durmitor Mountain.

The great thing is that even though these mountains are not so close each to other, you will see your next destination from every peak! This will give you an opportunity to see our country from many different angles and to enjoy its natural beauty. This program, of course, is not only about staying in the mountains. During the tour you’ll experience local traditions, history, legends, tasteful cuisine, churches and monasteries…in short, you will see all the contrasts that make our country so special!

All transport, accommodation and meals are included, as well as a 24/7 qualified guide who will collect you from your location and bring you back to Podgorica Airport at the end of your trip. This holiday is not suitable for vegans.

 Your Tour Leaders: Vuk and Bojana are a brother and sister team who have worked with Undiscovered Montenegro for the last 5 years. They both have a passion for the outdoors and for the North of Montenegro in particular. The more remote the area, the more likely they are to be found exploring it! Vuk and Bojana speak excellent English and have full mountain guide qualifications.

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Day 1 – Arrival at Virpazar
Arrival at Lake Skadar and check in to your accommodation, a comfortable apartment in the centre of the village. Welcome lunch at a local restaurant.

Day 2 – Ascent of Mt Lovćen
Probably one of the most impressive hiking tours of the southern part of Montenegro. This hike allows visitors to see stunning views of both coast and hinterland, including Lake Skadar, the old Royal Montenegrin Capital Cetinje, the high peaks of the Prokletije, Kuči, Lovćen, Orjen…and that’s not all – you’ll see Northern Albania and even some mountain peaks in Macedonia as well as the famous mausoleum of the legendary Montenegrin ruler Njeguš! Second night in Virpazar. Hiking time: 7 hours. Grade: moderate/challenging.

Day 3 – Hiking in the Kučka Krajina
Our next destination is a mountain chain near Podgorica with more than 20 peaks over 2.000 meters above sea level. It is a 2 hour drive through the some picturesque villages until we arrive at Lake Bukumir. Situated in the middle of wild nature, its legend says that it hides a big dragon in its water that comes out at night and scares the local shepherds! The lake is situated at the foothill of the impressive peak Pasjak (Dog’s Peak), which stands vertically above the valley like a giant needle. Behind it we’ll find the highest peaks of Kući Mountains. Walking through the valley and forests, first we’ll reach Štitan (2.147 m), which gives the best view of the Prokletije and Komovi Mountains, Podgorica Valley and Lake Skadar from a totally different angle. It’s even possible to see the Adriatic Sea and Montenegro’s highest peak – Bobotov Kuk! Overnight at Hotel Mirović. Hiking distance: 16km. Grade: moderate.

Day 4 – Bijelasica Mountain
After two days spent in the rocky mountains, we’ll jump to a totally different landscape. Bjelasica Mountain, as our next challenge, will welcome us with its mild hillsides, wide pastures, beautiful valleys, stunning lakes, fields of blueberry bushes and mountain flowers. Bjelasica Mountain is part of the smallest Montenegrin National Park – Biogradska Gora, which features the only primary forest left in the whole Europe. It’s considered the second oldest National Park in the world – just after Yellowstone. Stepping down through this unbelievable beauty, we’ll find the stunning Biogradsko Lake, tucked in old beech and maple trees. It’s a great spot to have a drink and swim after 6 hours of walking! Overnight at Hotel Mirović. Hiking distance: 17km. Grade: easy to moderate.

Day 5 – rest day

Day 6 – Lola Mountain
After Bjelasica, we’ll hit another real natural beauty – Lola Mountain. Hidden in the middle of Central Montenegrin Highlands, far from main roads, this place provides absolute peace for all people who came to enjoy it. Not even many local people have been there! Lola is really a special mountain – a wide plateau covered by grass and decorated by gorgeous peaks over 2.000 meters. Plenty of pasture always attracted the people from the lowlands to spend their summers there, giving a perfect feast to their herds. Here you’ll find lots of fairy-tale shepherds’ huts, which are in use even at the present time. Our final ascent is not so demanding physically or technically, but once you reach the top you will be impressed by the stunning views. On our way back we can also conquer one more peak above 2.000m – Mali Zebalac (2.073 m)! Overnight at Kalimero Apartments. Hiking distance: 14km. Grade: easy.

Day 7 – Durmitor Mountain
The final tour is reserved for the main mountain of our country – Durmitor. “The Chief of all mountains” is situated in North-western Montenegro, rising high from Jezera Plateau. Durmitor has an impressive number of peaks over 2000 meters – 48 to be exact, but it’s not all about the peaks in this place. There are also 18 stunning glacial lakes, known as “Mountain eyes”, probably the best possible decoration for this amazing landscape. Bobotov kuk is situated in the middle of Durmitor Mountain. The route starts at a picturesque ridge and goes progressively uphill to a beautiful group of peaks called Zupci (Teeth) and Trojna previja (Triple Ridge); from there down to the valley of Zeleni Vir Lake (Green Whirlpool), another attraction of this tour. The valley looks like a real amphitheatre and is decorated by meadows filled with mountain flowers, huge blocks of rocks fallen from Zupci in the past and, of course, green mirrors of small lakes’ crystal clear water. The last part of the hike is secured with safety ropes; even though it is possible to pass that part without them. Overnight at Kalimero Apartments. Hiking distance: 13km. Grade: moderate to challenging.

Day 8 – return to Podgorica

Please note that depedning on the weather, this itinerary is subject to change!

Prices include all accommodation in 3-star local apartments, transfers, meals and guided excursions.

This is a group holiday that can also be tailor-made on request. Maximum Group size of 8.

Mountain walking 7 days

We operate a fair pricing policy for this holiday. If you book and pay as a party of 2 or 3 and we later add numbers to your group, you will be refunded the price difference.


For the night in Virpazar, your accommodation is in the Badanj Village Rooms. Owned by a legendary local raconteur and situated just a 20 minute walk (or 2 minute taxi ride) from the village of Virpazar, this beautifully restored farmhouse has all the usual comforts as well as an unexpected dash of style!

For the nights in Kolašin, your accommodation is at the locally owned Hotel Mirović. Ideally situated near the centre of town and tastefully furnished, the hotel also boasts a restaurant serving delicious local specialities and plentiful communal spaces.

For the nights in Žabljak, your accommodation is at the Apartmets Calimero. A mini-village of wooden chalets, on the outskirts of town and with a good local restaurant nearby, these cozy cabins have everything you’ll need to rest up for your next adventure!